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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Power Flower is GAGI's logo for 2010

"This may be the first case of shared branding in the city, " said David Edwards Of Art Energy Design as he generously loaned us "Power Flower" images for GAGI's 2010 marketing. Soon to have its "face" on brochures, T-shirts and even magnets, the solar powered flower of steel and aluminum will be taking on a few alterations and doing more than its usual duty of keeping us informed of alternative energy sources.

"When we saw David's incredible flower, we knew it was the perfect icon to represent both the green and technology fields," said Christine Bethea, GAGI Founder. "It has a foot--so to speak--in both camps." A night time image of the Power Flower by local photographer Rick Byerly taken at the Sprout Fund's Hothouse event this past summer, will be making its debut on paper-saving hand-outs shaped like business cards. This size will make them easy to leave at locations, put into wallets and post on bulletin boards around town. Meanwhile Debra Holt, a local entrepreneur who creates custom gift wrap, is making the flower's graphic design work for fiber applications.

"We're looking forward to seeing Power Flower in all its incarnations," said Bethea.

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