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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fashion Show Fun Begins Now! + GAGI Welcomes Rebellious Nature

The GAGI Fashion Division recently met to discuss strategy for their not-to-be-missed extravaganza! The team, led by Kristin Barker of Jonano, a fashion company whose sleek, eco-chic clothing will also headline the show, met at Neighborhood Academy to see the first of a series of pieces being designed by high school students. The dresses, skirts and other clothing are made of discards from the school as well as items from nearby business neighbors like Trader Joes. Amanda Gross, a well-known local fiber artist is their instructor. The dress shown here is by Briana, one of her young designers; it's a representation from a group that just pops and fizzles with color and imagination. We can't wait to see what else they recycle!

The fashion show will also highlight vintage clothing, LED enhanced clothing from Webelow Wear, and nature inspired robotics wear designed by Amisha Gadani. GAGI's Team is also looking at other fashion partners.

"This combination of high end, high tech, and recycled couture is exciting and fresh! " said Team GAGI during recent discussions. Adding another element of great collaboration, The fashion show will take place in the "Hot Shop" of the Pittsburgh Glass Center, one of the world's top glass facilities, which received a LEED Gold Certificate for its environmental design.

Also new to GAGI: Rebellious Nature. Rebellious is a hip, new gallery and clothing boutique with a rebellious soul and a environmental message. They'll will be doing T-shirt design and silkscreen for GAGI, from their home base at 401 N. Graham St., just a stones throw from the Quiet Storm cafe. (And they are rebellious if your think organic, U.S. made, fair trade, fair labor, and sweat-shop-free thinking is a bad thing.)


  1. When is this fashion show please?

  2. Fashion Show is April 2,2010 at 9 p.m. at the Pittsburgh Glass Center. A little ways to go...but worth it! Thanks for your interest.
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