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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pittsburgh Filmmakers Give GA/GI Reel Support

CEO Charlie Humphrey knows about collaboration. That's why he's the running (literally) CEO of Pittsburgh Filmmakers + The Pittsburgh Glass Center + The Pittsburgh Center for the Arts. Said Humphrey of the GA/GI Project: "Willingness to work together on new events like this is what makes the Pittsburgh business and arts community so special. We're all very Amish. And this will be Pittsburgh's art and technology barn-raising."
We couldn't agree more. With Team GA/GI spanning Pittsburgh for the products that best showcase the technology and green industries, we're discovering wonderful people and projects daily! The Penn Avenue business district is gearing up, too with a hint that the Glass Lofts-- the newest real estate venture by Friendship Development Associates--could be open for viewing and host a few of the exhibitions. In addition to the galleries normally operating during Unblurred First Fridays, businesses along Penn Avenue with space will be opening their doors and offering their walls for additional demos, art, and exhibitions coming into the community---like film installations.

Humphrey added, "The Geek Art and Green Innovators Festival will take amazing things happening in Pittsburgh, and make them apparent to the general public. It will be like taking a painting and turning it into a relief. Just because people have heard of something, doesn't mean they've seen it or maybe they want to see it again."

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