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Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Media Sponsor City Paper to Kick-Off "Green Month" with GA/GI!

This week, we got the green light from City Paper, Pittsburgh's leading alternative news weekly, who has joined GA/GI as an official media sponsor. With an equally rabid interest in spotlighting innovative people, projects and places, City Paper is the perfect addition the GA/GI Team.

"GA/GI will bring green technology to the grassroots community and will make robotics tangible for children," said Gina Mignona, Marketing & Promotions Director for Pittsburgh City Paper. "This event is just what Pittsburgh needs!"

The festival will create a community interest in the green and technology fields, and what it means to the average family. To reach out to the community, the festival will host informative venues, exhibitions, demos and art activities that can connect innovation with everyday people. City Paper will utilize the Geek Art and Green Innovators festival as the kick-off point to a series of month long green events happening around the city including those focused around Earth Day, occurring a few weeks later on April 22.

For more info and news from City Paper, click here!


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