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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bring your Camera Phone To GA/GI and Share the Cool!

One click...that quick! Deep Local, one of our tech team members, will create a system to have the photos you take during the Geek Art and Green Innovators Festival upload to an e-mail and slide-show in a window along Penn Avenue where hundreds will view it. Yes--you will be the paparazzi! Include your name and zip, and your photos might be displayed along with the work of our official GA/GI photographers in a post event publication! Register by phone-mail that night or pick up your GA/GI paparazzi badge at the Glass Center the day of the event.
What will you be snapping?????
Our schedule of events will include: "Bird's, Bugs, and 'Bots, "a play symposium for Kids at the Union Project in Highland Park from 10 am to noon. In the afternoon, a Penn Avenue farmer's market on Penn Avenue, and an eco-bike tour to begin an evening where you'll enjoy a pantheon of film, performance, exhibits, technology innovation and eco-friendly fashion venues. Plus a sneak preview inside the brand new Glass Lofts Condo! More details later!

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