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Friday, January 29, 2010

Touchfaster will Take GA/GI Fest and Super Size it!

we wanted a large, leafy festival salad, but we wanted more veggies with that. So Adam Keene, the Duquesne University dymnamo who runs Mpowered introduced us to Touchfaster, an engergetic group of six 20-somethings, who have combined their considerable resources and incredible talents to create a company that makes artistic culture in the city "happen."

The Touchfaster group has been in the making for several years. Six friends, Kevin Saftner, Christmas Eger, Eli Rebich, Pierce Marratto, Cory Chicconie, and Skip Douglas have "hung out together," since their early school days. Saftner was a young DJ who often booked bands in which the others performed. He eventually entered IUP as a Business Management Major, and the others members of Touchfaster also went away to different colleges. It was later, when they had all graduated with complimentary skills that Saftner assessed the possibilites, reconnected the group, and they have been working out of his home in Dormont for the last several months.

Said Saftner, "Touchfaster orginated as a music promotion company, now we're involved in music, arts, and fashion." And we should add charity benefits. Their Facebook page on January 26 said in part:
Hey guys. Come hang out with us Saturday night down at Folino's in the South Side for our Haiti benefit show.......Time to lend a hand and help... change some lives together.>>>:::POWER ON:::<<<<

Touchfaster is on a roll. They will be promoting GA/GI to a diverse mix of people, designing marketing material, providing music, and giving GA/GI some branding assistance. In addition Saftner is also completing another project: A new restaurant which will serve "family style" food.
Penny's Diner (mapquest it at 4080 Washington Road, McMurray, PA 15367) opens February 8th, 2010.

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