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Monday, March 8, 2010

We (Heart) Bikes @ GA/GI Festival!

Tim Kelly in collaboration with Bike Pittsburgh and in conjunction with Car-Free Fridays and "Unblurred" on Penn--are rolling out one of the most important components of the Geek Art/Green Innovators event--our "smokeless" parade!

"Bicycles are a mode of global transportation and an important component of historic technology," said Kelly. "Somewhere along the line and in the United States in particular, they got relegated as toys, but that idea is rapidly eroding. As everyone looks to reduce their carbon footprint...bikes are back in a big way!"

Walk or bike while showing your love for this smart, healthy, & fun mode of eco-transportation and show support for green innovation in Pittsburgh. There will also be organic t-shirt giveaways, pizza at the destination spot, plus you can paint your bikes if you like, & more!

THE ROUTE:The "smokeless" parade begins/ 6:30 p.m. at the Kingsley center, 6435 Frankstown Ave, proceeds along the E. Liberty Bike-way, left on Negley, right on Penn ave, finish Spak Bros Pizza 5107 Penn Avenue/ where bike parade participants can join in the GA/GI Festival fun! Interested? Tim Kelly is your Contact:

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