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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Glaceau is a vitamin water company so cool, as they "remodel" their online look, they are using Facebook* as their homepage.
"Don't be alarmed!" the first line greets you when you get there! (With us, quite the opposite occurred.) Any company with enough self esteem to not sweat a few changes in their marketing plan, but in fact anticipate possible reaction of surprise, is our kind of sponsor! Glaceau, sporting a whole look and several awesome new flavors, will be keeping us hydrated through a number of events leading up to, during and after the Geek Art/Green Innovators Festival. Pop into one of our information sites to pick up a samples on April 2: the Pittsburgh Glass Center @ 5472 Penn Avenue; The Glass Lofts @ 5491 Penn Avenue or ou Eco-Tech Info Center @ 113 N. Pacific Avenue. Welcome GLACEAU Vitamin Water to Team GA/GI!

*To view the Vitamin Water site under "construction click here, for FB page click here.

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