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Monday, February 22, 2010

EcoCents to Get Big Debut @ GA/GI

Out on the shelves for a mere two weeks, this awesome, new Pittsburgh green guide hasn't had a big party yet, so we're helping them shine at GA/GI.
"It was a community driven project," says Corinne Bechtel, who along with co-owner Megan Cook, spearheaded the EcoCents Green Guide. It took the two women over a year to unearth, compile and highlight dozens of people and places where "green" thinking reigns. The creators of the publication acted more as editors, allowing their subjects to write their own individual stories and so the book is chock full of information that might not make it to the pages of ordinary guides. One example is Turner Dairy Farms, who talks about their new rBGH-free milk; there are recipes for green cooking as well as something for"Whatever floats your kayak," the two creators claim. "You can find ways to make it greener with EcoCents." Meet the women and buy the book @ the Geek Art/ Green Innovators Festival; discover all the wonderful ways to add more "green" to your everyday living....and EcoCents has over $1000 worth of coupons to prove it!

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