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Thursday, February 4, 2010

In Other News: "The Saudi Arabia of Coal" and Excerpts from"YERT" to showcase at the Union Project, A GA/GI Partner, on Feb. 11

YERT (Your Environment Road Trip), is a year-long eco-expedition through all 50 United States, filmed by three young explorers with video cameras in hand and tongues in cheek. The trio scouts the landscape of America for unique approaches to environmental sustainability, persistent in their quest to show that Americans want to do the right thing--they just: A) Don't want to look strange doing it and B)Don't have the time or means to explore all the options. The YERT team takes the time! They drag us kicking, screaming and laughing week by week, play by play through a mix of outrageous antics and provocative examples, taking risks while still managing to give us thoughtful and insightful reporting. While we wait for this cinematic gem to release, you can see excepts, and enjoy a multi media presentation of an original play,"Welcome to the Saudi Arabia of Coal," all on Thursday, February 11 at 8 p.m. @ the Union Project, 801 North Negley Avenue. The cost is $15 General Admission and $10 for students. Tickets at

This presentation is brought to you by: The Sierra Club, The Citizens Coal Council, The Center for Coalfield Justice and Mountain Watershed Association.

Yert: The Film is coming "soonish!"

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