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Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Of Artists, Art and Artistic Collaborations coming April 2

Justin Visnesky grew up in a village in Pennsylvania, went to college
in Jimmy Stewart’s hometown of Indiana, PA, and now lives in the Sixburgh. He makes photographs of the simple, quiet times in life; taking the ordinary and making it something more, something for the keeping. You'll see more of Justin's introspective work at Image Box, 4933 Penn Avenue:"A firm that handles all your design and marketing needs." (And who--for a limited time--is offering businesses a free, no obligation, consulting session.)

Evolve is a firm "dedicated to advancing synergies between environment and architecture," who will celebrate their anniversary as "Evolve5!" They will take segments of their surrounding community--Friendship--and imagine what it might look like in a more sustainable world, a prospect which concerns us all as we envision how sustainability might affect our own places and social relationships. Evolve is located @5530 Penn Avenue. Click here for a look at their select projects.

And... Over 50 artists have agreed to paint utility poles on Penn Ave. Check it out on our Face book event page! Click here.

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