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Monday, February 8, 2010

The Man Who Makes That "Great Little Wine from Lawrenceville" @ GA/GI

The creator of an urban winery, Engine House 25 is coming to GA/GI! And though a legend could be concocted that the wine is as light as the winged clouds seen floating above the personage of Roberto Clemente, whose photo hangs at the entrance of the building in honor of the saint-like baseball player, himself the subject of the museum of the same name: We don't mind telling you that the entire establishment and the winery are a vision of one man--photographer Duane Reider who is making and remaking history at Engine House 25.

Rieder and his partner Tim Gaber, once a bassist in a rock band, have been crushing grapes in the basement of their Roberto Clemente Museum aka the old fire engine house 25, since 1999. Back then, Rieder's passion for Roberto Clemente collectibles and his photography were the focus. It was when Rieder's wife got tired of seeing $20,000 a year go into grapes without any return, that Rider went legit and Engine House 25--the wine--was born. Penguins CEO Mario Lemieux has become a fan of the wine. Athletes like Franco Harris even have their own limited edition label. And Reider, whose passion for Roberto Clemente, led him to establish the nationally known museum, has built two businesses in a vintage Pittsburgh establishment that have become the rallying point for celebrities, sports fans, and wine lovers alike.
On April 2 @ GA/GI you'll meet Duane Rieder, and get the 101 of honoring a baseball legend and making urban wine from the man himself. Can't wait? Call the museum for a visit. 412-621-1268.

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