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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Edinboro University's Eco-based Prints @ Most Wanted for GA/GI

Professor, John Lysak told GA/GI, "We will have some artists and students in this exhibit who created imagery specifically for the exhibition, using some of the listed themes, such as robotics, digital media, green technology or eco-friendly and mind-expanding art." Other Edinboro University artists will bring pieces created, that neatly fit the festival themes. Some of the processes used include photo-lithography for digital and hand drawn images, water based screen printing (which is fairly eco-friendly), relief printing, letter press printing, linocut, woodcut or intaglio printmaking. Most of the artists in the exhibition are creating their prints using hand-made fine art techniques or papers from sustainable fibers such as cotton and bark from harvested trees for an Asian aesthetic. Said Lysak of his show with pieces still being processed: "I think it will be a very interesting exhibition with a wide range of approaches to theme and media." Shown above is work Lysak himself will include in the show: "Verdant Growth" and "A Way Back."

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